We have two brains.

Humans have two different brain systems in their head. Both process sensory input in a totally different way.

• System 1 – the implicit system (the Autopilot). System 1 operates very fast, ultra efficient and on a subconscious level most of the time. It’s capable of processing up to 11.000.000 bits per second. Its job is to filter out the really important from all internal and external sensory signals – and to decide, when it’s „fight or flight“ time. We see lots of cars passing by each day and hardly notice their colors – but we’ll notice the one car speeding in our direction. (hopefully).

• System 2 - the external system (the pilot). System 2 works much slower – it processes roughly 40 Bits per second, the equivalent of a short sentence or a 5 to 6 digits sequence. The job of system 2 is to ponder more complicated decisions (and to hopefully work out solutions that are slightly more complex than „fight or flight“).

You probably already guessed it: it’s the autopilot that is responsible for a buying decision!

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